Thousand Star Donation

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Thousand Star Donation

Become one of our Thousand Stars and help build a legacy of inspiration. With the Sarjeant Gallery Redevelopment Project fully funded and underway, as of July 2nd 2020 the Thousand Stars focus their support on the Sarjeant Endowment Fund. This fund will ensure the Gallery can secure touring exhibitions and shows, practise conservation of the artworks in the Collection, develop a stimulating education programme and acquire new and exciting artworks. The Thousand Stars support the Endowment Fund to the value of $1000, paid in a lump sum or over a period of your choice, including over four years at just $5 a week. It is also possible to make an Endowment Fund donation of any amount by contacting or 027 577 4923. 


To become a Thousand Star please fill out the form found here or call the Sarjeant Gallery on 06 349 0506


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